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Dr.ssa Polly Fistolera

Polly Fistolera is the founder of BISEI and the only licensed professional in Bulgaria for assessment, analysis and evaluation of Emotional Intelligence. By preparing individual development programs and expanding emotional stability she assists people in understanding their subtle emotional dynamics and emotional maturity. Polly have an international experience in organizing trainings, workshops and seminars for multinational companies in Italy, Singapore, Switzerland and Bulgaria.


Antonia Kercheva

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Antonia is a certified trainer on emotional intelligence and motivational coach. 13 years of knowledge and expertise in conventions management have led her to the forefront of high-end national and international events. Her professional experience and education in marketing, advertising and public relations determined the importance of leadership and effective communication.

Veronika Yordanova

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Veronica is currently living and developing her private practice as an Emotional Intelligence trainer in London.

Here's what Veronika says about herself:


Mariya Veleva

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Mariya is a contemporary dance performer with experience from projects in USA and Italy. Her interest in the movement that comes from the inside out brings her to the emotional intelligence. She conducts workshops for personal development through body movement using contemporary dance and improvisation techniques.


Gergana Vinarova

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Gergana Vinarova is a coach and trainer, certified on emotional intelligence training and personal development and well-being. Gergana is also a NLP Master-Practitioner.

Prior her career as a coach/trainer, Gergana has more than 13 years international experience in Financial Management in multicultural environment. Her corporate experience determined the importance of emotional intelligence as key factor in communication.

Screenshot_2019-09-24 Гергана Винарова –

Elitsa Mateva

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Elitsa Mateva is a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence and the face of BISEI since 2018. Her scientific education and practice as a performance artist have shaped her creative multidisciplinary approach. The major aspiration of her work is to expand the parameters of perception, interaction and cooperation between individuals and within communities. She explores methods for raising emotional awareness through a combination of kinaesthetic and cognitive learning. 

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Bulgarian Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence

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